Kenko Sport Floor Mats
Nagase Kenko sports floor mats are easy to assemble, manufactured in rollable segments which zip together to cover any size floor – from an individual table tennis court – to an entire stadium. An entire court can be assembled by only a few people in less than an hours time.

NKC floor mats are produced to exacting specifications and subjected to exhausting tests to ensure sure footing and uniformity of play. Developed in cooperation with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and the International Badmitton Federation (IBF) and customized to meet the needs of different sports including badminton, indoor tennis, gymnastics and the Asian sport of Sepak Takraw, the Kenko Sports Floor Mat has been used in numerous Olympic, amateur and professional competitions.

You can find Kenko Sports Floor Mats in use all over the world at tournaments including the 1992 Olympic table tennis games in Barcelona and the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta; games sponsored by the International Table Tennis Association; the World Championship, International Badminton Federation and World Cup badminton games; All England, Japan, German, Scandinavian, Malaysia and China Open (badminton); Davis and Fed Cup (Japan), Sony Life (Insurance), Konica and All Japan Indoor Cup indoor tennis games; numerous gymnastics tournaments; and at the 12th Asian Games in Hiroshima, where the Kenko floor mat was adopted for use in the Asian sport of Sepak Takraw.

The Kenko Sports Floor Mat has been attracting interest in Indonesia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Bangladesh, the U.S., Malaysia, Pakistan and South Africa.