Characteristics Of the Kenko Air Safety Baseball

Performance and Quality

• same performance characteristics
(flight and bounce) as a regulation hard ball
• in-house research and testing facility contributes to high performance and tradition
of innovation
• rubber coating allows use in rain
(they are even machine washable!) on wet surfaces and prevents marring of gym floors
• over eight decades of in-house manu facturing experience


• minimizes young players fears, so that they can play more easily
• reduces pain and risk of injury, using air cushion to buffer impact
• ideal and optimal from a medical point of view

Baseball Safety Comparison

(Severity Index 1 - 2000)

Educational Benefits

• builds self confidence, facilitating enjoyment of the game
• selection of balls suiting different developmental stages of children
• long tradition of use within youth tournaments and educational programs


• High durability (many customers lose more from theft than wear!)
• Extended use and global economies of scale allow superior price and value
• High international name recognition and established brand awareness