Team Sports & Tennis

NKC’s largest division is responsible for domestic sales and marketing of team sports and tennis equipment, including products designed for baseball, softball, tennis and soft tennis.

Headquarted in Tokyo, and drawing upon the resources of NKC regional sales offices in Osaka, Fukuoka and Hokkaido, the team sports and tennis division maintains a national network to manage the sale of NKC products to schools, youth leagues, corporations, retail outlets and other entities which encompass the Japanese youth market.

The team sports and tennis division also supports the distribution of NKC products overseas. Kenko baseballs are now widely used in many countries in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. These sales are managed by NKC’s International Sales and Marketing Division. NKC sponsors hundreds of youth sporting and educational events in Japan every year, such as the annual WCBF (World Children Baseball Festival), International Baseball Association Boys and Japan Soft Baseball Federation tournament.

NKC is also a market leader in the field of soft tennis. This unique Japanese game uses an inflatable soft tennis ball and a lighter tennis racket.

To promote the sport of soft tennis, NKC is highly active in, and helps to sponsor, a national woman's soft tennis league in Japan. This allows Japanese corporations such as NKC, NTT, Toshiba and Yonex to play in tournaments and league games across Japan with local schools and universities.