International Sales & Marketing

NKC's international sales and marketing division maintains a network of agents, representatives and distributors who manage the distribution of NKC products and services to customers on every continent in the world.

The International Division also manages NKC's relationships with key sporting organizations around the world. The Kenko ball is the official youth baseball for Little League and Little League International, Pony League, Netherlands and Italian Baseball Federation, Confederacion Panamericana de Beisbol (COPABE), Mexican (FEMEBA), Brazilian and Cuban Youth Baseball, Africa Baseball and Softball Association (ABSA), U.S.–Japan Friendship Games Program, Baseball Federation of Asia (BAF) and Victorian Baseball Association of Australia.

The Kenko ball is also being used by the Singapore Youth Baseball Association, Taiwan Youth Baseball Association, Philippines Youth Baseball Association, Venezuela Youth Baseball Association, the T-ball association, a high school league in the Philippines, and by colleges in Taiwan. NKC also supports adult baseball leagues around the world, including a corporate league managed by the Nippon Club in New York, which boasts over 200 U.S. and Japanese Corporations as members.

Youth tournaments include the European Kenko Tournament, the Championship of COPABE (age groups 9-10 & 11-12) and the Kenko U/13 Africa Continent Baseball Tournament. In Europe, the Pirates, a Dutch Baseball Club, sponsor an annual Kenko tournament for young players.

The Kenko Sports Floor Mat has also been attracting wide interest in export markets around the world. Countries include: Indonesia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Bangladesh, the U.S., Malaysia, Pakistan and South Africa.

The International Division is also active in youth sports and youth education programs. This has led to several exciting new commercial ventures, including:

Doyle Baseball, Inc.
– an arrangement with America's largest youth baseball training program – to make Kenko the official safety baseball for all their youth training activities across the United States.